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Pot Container

Bring colors to your interior or exterior with this pretty handpainted pot by Serax.

The pot container will ornament your most beautiful plants. The pot is treated with a thin waterproof coating on the inside, which does not guarantee full water tightness. To avoid any cracks, do not plant directly in the pot, but place it in a protective pot and saucer on the inside.

As Kelly and Julien, will you fall for this pot container wearing 27 Liboa’s colors?

Available in Small and Medium sizes.

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Serax is the story of two brothers, SERge and AXel Van Den Bossche, which started in 1986 in Antwerp, Belgium. Today, the company is led by Axel and his wife, Marie Michielssen, the Serax’ house designer.

Through time, Serax remains loyal to its core principle, craftsmanship. Such as Kelly and Julien, Serax travels worldwide to find passionate designers and skilled craftsmen.

Collections are manufactured worldwide, in Antwerp, Vietnam, or even Portugal, by craftsmen carefully selected, able to produce each object while respecting the creator’s original vision.

The family business cherishes the work of designers, renowned or fresh new. Such as 27, Serax is looking for beauty in daily items to enhance life and bring happiness to every home.


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