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Maisons Julien et Kelly Dassault is a true family business started in Lisbon, Portugal, by ourselves, Julien and Kelly, as husband and wife, but also as partners. 

We aim to develop well-made retail products and beautiful everyday objects.


We support projects as an active investor in companies that are careful with their employees and our planet Earth.

Through MJKD, we are developing our retail, photography, and real estate brands: 27 Lisboa, 27 Films, and Santos-Dassault.

Maisons, our Homes

Our lives, as human beings, have many faces. We have places to go. Home, work, parents, children, friends… we are plural.

We also have two countries in our heart: France, where we were both born and raised, and Portugal, where we live now, and where Kelly’s family is from too.

And it continues as we love to travel and fall in love with New York, Venice, and Mexico.

And when we love places, quickly we tend to call them homes, Maisons in French.

We work as we live

If MJKD is plural, it is because our projects are as plural as our lives. We like to think there is no true limit to creativity, that the format or the means are not as important as the message it carries.

Today, MJKD is already active in real estate renovation, film production, publishing, retail, sponsorship, and private equity.


And we like to think we can go to many more places.

We are committed to investing in meaningful projects that have a real impact on our society.

Today more than ever, we want to devote ourselves to the development of new projects with social and environmental dimensions.

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