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Meet the Founders

Our story

Among many projects, under our company Maisons Julien et Kelly Dassault, we decided to open our first shop 27 in Lisboa.

Lisboa was the city we chose to live in, because Kelly is luso-descendant, also because we fall in love with the Lisboeta endless summer.

In one place, 27 Lisboa spreads who we are. Just for you.

We love beautiful products, but to be honest, it does take time as they are worldwide. In those streets, in their museums, we have brought back ideas, brands, partners, and products that are not at every corner. When we find eco-friendly, organic, cruelty-free, vegan, etc., good products designed by a brand committed to their employees and their impact on our Planet, we bring them all together in the 27 Selection.

We are travelers: Japan, Mexico, Danemark, Norway, United-Kingdom, Spain, Germany, the United-States, Lebanon, Israel, Colombia, France, Portugal, Italy, Morocco. Those are the last three years of visited countries. We always travel with our kids and discover the local culture, food, and local feelings. Travelling is our way to find our bread for the shop.

Why 27? We have a strong connection with this number. We got married on a 27, have one of our birthdays on a 27, one of the boys was born at 9h27, in bed #27 when Kelly was 27 years old. So she designed a 27 and got it tattooed on her wrist. Then, when we were looking for a name dear to our heart to share our story, 27 Lisboa was born.

We travel, so you do too.

Our values

27 Lisboa was the first project set up under Maisons Julien et Kelly Dassault with a simple idea: share a selection of beautiful objects, well made, and easy to live with, that we have found around the world.

It means the product and its manufacturer follow specific rules we deemed unilaterally required. We look at the materials used, the social and environmental policies in place, and the brand’s overall ethics. We aim at a selection of objects that are sustainable for the Planet and the People.

But wait here, NO! We are not (yet ?) specifically hardcore vegans or organic experts. The project is meant to offer alternatives to everyday products and decorations that do not always respect Mother Nature.

We want to offer objects you will use often. So, they have to be convenient to use, to wash, to display… I think you have the idea.

This is how this all adventure has started. We noticed that it was not that easy to know what was available when you wanted a specific new something, or to get a product you saw on social media, or at a friend’s home from a distant place… So when we buy something for our family or our offices and we liked it, you will find it at 27 Lisboa.

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