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Fabrico Ratio Planter

The Ratio Planter by Plant Factory is a hand-made ceramic vase designed by Mexican industrial designer Jorge Corona.

The design of this planter has been inspired by the Golden Ratio, the legendary mathematical divine proportion. It keeps everything balanced, reflecting the designer’s life philosophy. The triangles are also an homage to the Mayan pyramids, which have a similar structure.

Surrounding yourself with nature and letting you connect to this planet keeps you grounded, with a peaceful state of mind. Integrating something living into a ceramic piece (that also came from the earth, at some point in time) has a profound and unique connection: when you combine life with life, beautiful things happen!

For optimal water intake, the planter has four drainage holes.

Handcrafted in Mexico City by DNC (Diseño en Ceramica), it is recommended for 7-10 cm succulents and/or small cacti.

Play with the colors for a beautiful arrangement: Gloss Black, Gloss White, Matte Black, and Matte Pink are available.

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Plant Factory

Jorge Corona Lizola was born and raised in San Diego, California but lived most of his life in Tijuana, Baja, California.

He has a background in multiple things, including graphic design, photography, product development, blogging, and gardening.

Jorge decided to combine all of his skills into one, and that is how Fabrico and Plant Factory were born.

He creates pots for plants, with a graphic design inspired by nature.

Jorge cares about our planet and has the mission to decontaminate the world and make it a greener place through Plant Factory.

Kelly met Jorge in Tijuana, and they have been friends since then.


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