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Bees Wrap Single Large


Bee’s Wrap is a washable, reusable, and compostable alternative to plastic wrap for food storage.

Multiple Bee’s Wrap formats are available to answer all your needs:

  • Small (17,5 x 20 cm): perfect for wrapping lemon, nuts, avocado, or a small snack.
  • Medium (25 x 27,5 cm): suitable for wrapping cheese, carrots, herbs, or covering a bowl.
  • Large (33 x 35 cm): suitable for wrapping half a melon, greens, baked goods, or covering a bowl.
  • Sandwich (33 x 33 cm): ideal for wrapping your sandwich for lunch on the go; it can be used as a placemat.

27 offers you various packs:

Usage instructions:

  • Use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap and create a seal. When cool, the wrap will hold its shape.
  • To wash your Bee’s Wrap use cool water with mild dish soap. Let air dry.
  • The Bee Cause
  • B Corporation
  • onepercentforplanet

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Bee's Wrap

Exit polluting plastic films and aluminum foil, welcome Bee’s Wrap! This ingenious product was created in 2012 by Sarah Kaeck, an American mom of three. By infusing organic cotton with beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin, Sarah made a washable, reusable, and compostable alternative to plastic wrap. Bee’s Wrap grew out of the desire to create something that enabled her family, and others, to reduce waste and cut down on single-use plastics.

Such as 27, Bee’s Wrap is entirely concerned by the environment. It is a certified B Corp and Green America company. The brand is also committed to social change, to improve the lives of its customers, employees, communities, and the planet. Bee’s Wrap is actively working with partners such as 1% for the Planet, The Bee Cause, The Rozalia Project, and National Geographic, pledging their support to ocean conservancy, beach cleanups, and environmental stewardship.


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