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The Original Breadbag


Breadbag is the original Bag from Bag Again. It has been designed as the perfect solution to replace plastic bags.

Though out to hold the bread, it can also hold fruits and vegetables. Lightweight, the Bag can be put in the freezer and dries rapidly.

Because Bag Again does not do things by half, the Original Breadbag is made out of unbleached cotton voile, 100% organic, and GOTS certified. Fair made in India, under good working conditions.

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Bag Again

Inge Barmentlo, mom of three, created Bag Again in 2015 to answer a more sustainable society by reducing our plastic consumption. Bag Again first started with reusable cotton bread bags, then expanded to fruit and vegetable ones.

As the cotton industry is one of the most polluting worldwide, all bags are 100% organic, and GOTS certified, which means the product meets strict social and sustainable requirements (zero pesticides, no toxic dyes, etc.).

Beyond eco-product design, Bag Again commits to compensating their CO2 emissions by planting trees with the Dutch foundation Trees for All. The brand is also devoted to the well-being of its employees, based in the Netherlands.

Kelly and Julien try to offer you responsible and ethical alternatives. When the product is simply beautiful, there is no longer any reason to go without it. By using Bag Again, every day, you will reduce your plastic consumption by two thirds.


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