11+ | Monster Bottle


Monster Bottle is perfect for having your favorite infused beverage with you all the time.

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11+ | Monster Bottle

11+ and Sticky Monster Lab bring you the Monster Bottle in a collaborative project. Sticky Monster’s famous character in 11+’s minimalistic design, came together nicely to offer sensible and practical addition to your lifestyle. Monster bottle is made with eco-friendly Tritan and is safe to use with liquids from -20°C to 100°C. The infuser which attaches to the cap, is made with safe silicone, makes it easy to brew a hot or a cold drink with your favorite tea. Monster Bottle, is a great way to add more flavor to your lifestyle.


– Material: Tritan, Silicone, PP
– Product Measurements: Ø 68 x H 20 cm
– Box Measurements: L 21.7 x W 7.7 x H 7.7 cm
– Weight: 140g
– Bottle Capacity: 500ml


The design of Elevenplus’ products reflects the consideration for the users by incorporating simple and straight forward shapes and functions, ultimately eliminating the unnecessary features that are commonly found among modern products. The company also focus on delivering a “360 design Experience” philosophy to the consumers. Each detail found when encountering an Elevenplus product has been well thought through it is deliberate and purposeful. The company intends to fulfill the basic features and functions that a product is originally expected to perform, allowing those of us yearning to return to the basics having both simplicity and convenient, modern functionality.
Elevenplus believes that hapiness can be amplified by sharing and that no child should be denied of basic needs and chance to persue hapiness in life. Therefore, to increase awareness of the drinking water and its scarcity, the company pledges to reserve percentages of its revenue to donate lifesaving gifts through UNICEF for those in need.


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Additional information

Dimensions 21.7 x 7.7 x 7.7 cm

White, Pink/Blue

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