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Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter


At 27, we strive to offer good alternatives for a better world : while loving design and beautiful objects, reducing our wastes and plastic footprint is part of our mission.

The Cookut Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter helps us in this mission. It cleans and purifies tap water. In addition, while removing any bad taste and potential chlorine, it adds good minerals.

No more reason to keep using old plastic bottles and not enjoy fresh tap water we are so lucky to have in many countries!

The Water Filter can be used in a carafe or a reusable water bottle.

Best of all, it lasts up to 6 months.

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Cookut is a French brand created by three friends whose primary vision is to develop responsible kitchen utensils. Their philosophy: making homemade food is good for you, good for your community, and good for the planet.

All packagings are made from recycled cardboard and durable materials such as metal, wood, or glass.

Cookut has taken a step toward ethical production and opened a new facility in mainland China, with the aim to have total control over the production processes. They hired a fantastic local team and partnered with human-sized workshops, all respecting BSCI’s ethical standards, ensuring good working conditions.

Cookut works with many partners worldwide to control their impact on the environment and takes part in the bee safeguarding program « Un toit pour les abeilles » (A roof for bees). By sponsoring beekeepers throughout France, Cookut is also committed to protecting bees, essential for pollination.

Sensitive to this concept, the 27 team has tested and selected Cookut products to help rediscover the pleasure of «cooking at home.»


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