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Freshener Cedar String Blocks


Bosign’s Cedar String Blocks will help you protect and preserve your clothing from unwanted smells.

Versatile and multi-purpose, you can place one or two blocks in your shoes, on a hanger, or on your shelves: it will bring aromatic freshness to your storage.

Pack of 10 units.

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Bosign is a Swedish brand that has supplied interiors with smart design objects since 1995. The combination of modern Scandinavian details and twisted functionalities makes everyday activities an enjoyable experience and gives a touch of fun to your daily tasks!

Design and environment are fundamental in the brand’s DNA. Their mission is to meet contemporary living challenges with forward-thinking solutions to improve customers’ daily lives.

By replacing artificial materials like plastics with natural raw materials like wood or stone, Bosign wants to offer more transparent product solutions.

At 27, we share the idea of reinventing everyday products in a more enjoyable and sustainable way. Seduced by Bosign natural and refined curves, Kelly and Julien have tested and selected for you a range of bathroom and kitchen objects that will change your daily life.


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