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Clothes Brush


This Clothes Brush from Andrée Jardin will remove any hair, bobble, and lint from your clothes and furniture fabric, efficiently!

Is your favorite sweater damaged because of washes and time ? Elegance is also a part of the maintenance of your clothes and fabric. From now on, they will be flawless and impeccable.

This brush is made from natural rubber, being perfectly hygienic. Ideal for your clothes, sofas, and more…

Let’s try to buy less but well. Kelly and Julien refuse to be part of the mass production system. To keep all the family clothes intact and make them last in time, they use this Clothes Brush by Andrée Jardin.

  • EPV 2

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Andrée Jardin

This is the story of a French family business created last century. In 1947, George-René Julio and his wife, Andrée Jardin, founded their brushmaking factory in Nantes. Since then, the heritage of craftsmanship has been preserved, and the brushes are still made in France.

Labeled EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) by the French State, the Andrée Jardin brushmaking factory prioritizes quality. Sustainability and quality are values dear to Kelly and Julien, and that’s why they choose to offer Andrée Jardin brushes in the 27 selection.


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