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Toothbrush for Kids

Misoka has developed a revolutionary toothbrush, simple and efficient, which features soft bristles coated with harmless magnesium, calcium, and sodium ions: the same that we find in tap water! These ions get activated with water and gently clean teeth for perfect hygiene without any toothpaste.

The Misoka Toothbrush for kids is ideal for kids of all ages.

It is perfectly adapted to babies who do not know yet how to rinse their mouth properly and often swallow some toothpaste.

This toothbrush is also suitable for all little ones who want to brush their teeth by themselves but do not like the toothpaste’s taste or texture.

Kids won’t get hurt by the toothbrush thanks to its clever and funny shape and protective hat!

Made by...

Rumiko Takeda

Born in Tokyo, Rumiko Takeda lives and works in Milan. She graduated as a graphic designer at the Tokyo Tama Art University and as an industrial designer at Milan’s European Design Institute.

Rumiko Takeda has been collaborating with the renowned design studio of Stefano Giovannoni.

Picked at...

Yume Shokunin

On their return from a trip to Japan, Kelly and Julien came back with the Misoka toothbrush in their luggage. At the origin of this innovative toothbrush is Yume-Shokukin, a Japanese company that strives to promote craftsmanship.

Yume-Shokukin is an inspiring company which aims to make people’s life more comfortable and prosperous. Yume-Shokukin cleverly combines advanced technology with skilled craftsmanship to seek efficiency and guarantee superior quality.


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