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Bottlevase Square

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Bottlevase Square is a design by Ann Van Hoey for Serax.

Its minimalist design reminds a plastic bottle cut in half, but do not mistake, this vase is made with glass and will exquisitely hold your favorite flowers.

The vase has a capacity of 75cl.

Made by...

Ann Van Hoey

Ann Van Hoey, born and raised in Belgium, has first been graduated in Economic Sciences and worked for years in the furniture industry as a commercial engineer. At 25, Ann got engrossed in crafts and started creating things from scratch with her own hands. She then studied at the IKA Art and Craft Academy in Mechelen, where she graduated in 2006.

The artist developed a strong interest and talent for ceramics and quickly become a well-known ceramicist. Ann has been seduced by the extraordinary freedom in the traditional know-how of ceramics and is today modernizing this art.

She leaves nothing to chance but looks for both perfection and sobriety, creating shapes following at once mathematics precision and simplicity. Her pieces of work tend to be poetic sculptures.

The artist did a series of exhibitions and earned multiple awards, one after another. Her works joined the most significant collections: the Museum of Art and Design of New York, the Ariana Museum of Geneva, the Royal Museums of Art and History of Brussels, and more.

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Serax is the story of two brothers, SERge and AXel Van Den Bossche, which started in 1986 in Antwerp, Belgium. Today, the company is led by Axel and his wife, Marie Michielssen, the Serax’ house designer.

Through time, Serax remains loyal to its core principle, craftsmanship. Such as Kelly and Julien, Serax travels worldwide to find passionate designers and skilled craftsmen.

Collections are manufactured worldwide, in Antwerp, Vietnam, or even Portugal, by craftsmen carefully selected, able to produce each object while respecting the creator’s original vision.

The family business cherishes the work of designers, renowned or fresh new. Such as 27, Serax is looking for beauty in daily items to enhance life and bring happiness to every home.


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