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Face Roller

The moves of this Face Roller on your skin stimulate the blood circulation as well as the lymphatic system while regenerating and smoothing the epidermis. The skin is softened and recovers its original shine.

Massage your face and neck with the Roller in the morning and evening, directly on your skin, or after applying an oil or cream to strengthen its benefits. Massage from the center to the exterior for a draining effect. The Roller can be left in the fridge.

Select the stone of your choice:

  • Rose Quartz is the absolute stone of Beauty and Softness, known for its anti-aging and strengthening properties for thousands of years.
  • Clear Quartz amplifies our interior shine while diffusing our beauty. According to legends, this stone comes from celestial water that would have frozen for infinity. As clear as water, it gives vitality back to our epidermis.

Crystals are ethically sourced and selected by hand following an environmentally responsible approach.

To clean the Roller, use a cloth lightly soaked with water and soap. Avoid touching the metal.

You can also clean the Roller with energy, with White Sage or Palo Santo smoke.

Regularly recharge the Roller with Sun energy.

Picked at...

Sentara Holistic

At the origin of Sentara Holistic is Mayia Alleaume, a make-up artist from the French Basque Country, passionate about plants’ healthy and beauty properties.

For her, being organic is more than an attitude, it is a family affair and a second nature.

Mayia is in love with make-up and beauty products. For 15 years, she worked with the most talented photographers, models, and artists.

Throughout the backstages of podiums and shootings, she noticed the damages that the constant aggressions of make-up, make-up remover, and again make-up, are causing to the skin of the world’s most beautiful girls.

Passionate about aromatherapy and natural product enthusiastic, Mayia listens to the plants and her desires to create what she cannot find, and develops Sentara to offer beauty products, enhancing natural beauty while healing the skin.


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