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Sack Porcelain Vase


Discover the charm of the Sack Porcelain Vase, a captivating creation by French designer Laurent Trebout. This unique piece, resembling a supple leather sack, showcases Trebout’s skill in transforming porcelain into a textured, lifelike surface. Wrapped with a subtle dark brown straw, it harmoniously blends traditional and modern design elements.

The vase, a symbol of Trebout’s playful yet refined style, has become an iconic representation of embracing imperfection in design. It has influenced artists like Kiki Van Eijk, marking a shift in contemporary design trends.

Crafted by Serax, known for quality and innovation, this versatile vase is perfect for displaying fresh flowers or as a standalone centerpiece. It’s not just a home decor item but a celebration of artistic innovation, blending the beauty of French design with the allure of natural imperfection. The Sack Porcelain Vase is a testament to creativity and elegance in modern living spaces.

Laurent Trebout

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Laurent Trébout

French designer Laurent Trébout experiments with primitive firing methods and Japanese pottery techniques such as Raku and Kintsugi to create clean, modern ceramic forms. The resulting creations are unique and often surprising.

Each of Laurent’s pieces has both a graphical and a sculptural dimension. By playing with ceramics and forms, the artist has produced an incredible collection of ceramic objects and vases for Serax maison d’être. “I´ve always been attracted by the color, I seek my inspiration in everyday life. I love divert objects to give them another vocation,“ says Trébout.

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Serax is the story of two brothers, SERge and AXel Van Den Bossche, which started in 1986 in Antwerp, Belgium. Today, the company is led by Axel and his wife, Marie Michielssen, the Serax’ house designer.

Through time, Serax remains loyal to its core principle, craftsmanship. Such as Kelly and Julien, Serax travels worldwide to find passionate designers and skilled craftsmen.

Collections are manufactured worldwide, in Antwerp, Vietnam, or even Portugal, by craftsmen carefully selected, able to produce each object while respecting the creator’s original vision.

The family business cherishes the work of designers, renowned or fresh new. Such as 27, Serax is looking for beauty in daily items to enhance life and bring happiness to every home.


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