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Rainbow Flag Enamel Pin


Demonstrate your pride and support to the LGBTQ+ movement with the Rainbow Flag Enamel Pin, which design is inspired by the famous Gilbert Baker’s Rainbow Flag, an enduring symbol of the LGBTQ+ rights cause, but also a beautiful and fantastic artwork.

Through the purchase of this iconic pin, you support the MoMA’s programs, including the Open Art Space, which organizes free art-making activities for LGBTQ+ teenagers, guided by artists and the museum’s staff.

The program aims to provide teens a welcoming environment, encouraging talks, exploration, and discovery. During the weekly sessions, the young people are invited to explore the MoMa’s galleries, learn new studio techniques, and discover the arts.

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Gilbert Baker

Gilbert Baker is an American artist, but first and foremost, a gay rights activist. Gilbert Baker is the designer of the well-known Rainbow Flag, the most prominent symbol of the LGBTQ+ movement.

The Rainbow Flag was first unfurled on June 25, 1978, at the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day Parade, which then inspired the entire world.

Since then, Gilbert Baker’s Rainbow Flag has become a ubiquitous symbol of LGBTQ+ rights causes. In 2015, the New York Museum of Modern Art ranked the rainbow flag as an internationally recognized symbol, as important as the recycling symbol.



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The New York iconic Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) welcomes the most influential Modern Art exhibitions. In 1932, MoMA decided to establish the world’s first curatorial department store to democratize architecture and design.

The MoMA Design Store rigorously chooses each item according to strict criteria, such as the ability to enrich and enliven with every use. As an extension of the Museum’s educational mission, MoMA Design Store exemplifies good design with a discerning selection of design objects highlighting the latest materials, production, and concepts worldwide.

As 27 Lisboa, MoMA is making good design objects more accessible to a broader audience. MoMA’s mission does not end there! Each purchase contributes to developing the educational program initiated by MoMA in many New York neighborhoods and worldwide, aiming to improve art accessibility to people of all ages and abilities.

New York is one of Kelly’s and Julien’s favorite destinations. As all art lovers, the MoMA is always on their checklist! They are proud to bring the New York spirit to you by offering MoMA Design Store products in the 27 selection.


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