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Paper Index Clips Rabbit

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The Paper Index Clips are made by Midori from layered paper fibers and manufactured following environmentally-friendly processes. These reusable clips are strong and resilient to shocks yet have a pleasant touch.

These adorable rabbit clips are convenient for structuring paperwork and gathering documents together. Use them to wrap a gift, it will add a cute touch to your present.

Kelly and Julien use these lovely paper clips to organize their paperwork or their children’s homework.

Each pack includes 18 pieces in 3 colors.

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Discovered by Kelly and Julien while on a trip to Japan, Midori is a Japanese stationery brand specializing in high-quality paper products and functional writing materials.

Since 1950, all Midori products are handcrafted. The company handles every step of the process, from the planning and design to production and delivery.

The soft and delicate papers and the well-thought materials are made to bring colors into people’s daily life and enrich them.

Tested and adopted by the 27 team, Midori creates original stationery that turns ideas into reality.


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