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Standing Jam Spoon


The Silicon Standing Jam Spoon from the Japanese houseware brand Marna is designed to avoid mess and dirt on the breakfast table. It also makes it easier to reach that jam at the bottom of the jar.

Sticky situations will be a thing of the past with this brilliant jam spreader.

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Marna is a Japanese homeware brand created by Toramatsu Nagoya in 1872. Marna was at that time a brush manufacturer. Year after year, the brand listened to its customers’ feedbacks and expanded its product line into houseware products.

Marna has been a benchmark for Japanese households for generations, but thanks to its unique design, it is now used worldwide.

Innovative, well-thought, and functional, Marna homewares will enrich your daily life, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Kelly and Julien discovered Marna during a trip to Japan. They are sensitive to brands that reinvent everyday life objects and love to bring a touch of originality and design to homewares. Discover their selection on 27 Lisboa!


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