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Cup & Lid

Huskee Cup is an amazing, environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional coffee cup, made of discarded coffee husk. It is durable and non-toxic (BPA-free).

Julien and Kelly always start their morning with an Americano, served in a Huskee Cup. Beautiful, easy to live with, and kind to our planet, this cup is reusable and dishwasher-safe. Suitable for an active life, put on its lid and take it with you, wherever you go. It will keep your coffee warm and is comfortable to hold.

Available in 24 cl and 36 cl, select the size of your choice, and follow the lead!

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Each year, the coffee industry produces 600 billion disposable coffee cups worldwide. Most of them are not recycled and finish in nature. It is as an answer to this issue that Huskee was born.

Huskee’s mission is to enable the global community to eliminate single-use disposable coffee cups. Since 2016, this Australian brand revolutionizes the way we drink coffee.

HuskeeCups is a genuine innovation, both from a design and environmental perspective: the company makes cups from the husk waste produced during coffee processing.

In the meantime, the brand has developed HuskeeSwap, a system of cups exchange designed to eliminate single-use disposable cups at participating retailers and cafés. Finally, the HuskeeLoop system is a cup’s end of life program: collecting and re-purposing damaged cups into new Huskee products.

As coffee lovers and planet protectors, Kelly and Julien love this ingenious cup and couldn’t resist adding them to the 27 selection.


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