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Replacement Erasers Pack of 10


One of the most unique feature of the Blackwing pencils is their replaceable square erasers.

Replacing an eraser is very easy. First, you need to slide the current eraser and clip it out of the ferrule. Then, you can remove the clip from the old eraser, and replace it with the new one. Finally, you can insert the new eraser and clip into the ferrule. Easy, right?

These white replacement erasers comes in pack of 10 and can be used with any type of Blackwing pencil.

Made in Japan from renewable Californian incense-cedar, Blackwing pencils are part of the most sought-after writing tools worldwide, sleek, and satisfying to use.

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Iconic: this is the word that comes to mind when we talk about the Blackwing pencils. This American brand appeared in the 1930s and marked the world of literature and illustration!

Many internationally renowned illustrators and writers have used these pencils to bring their characters and stories to life: John Steinbeck, Leonard Berstein, the Luney Tunes creator, Chuck Jones, and the Disney illustrator, Shamus Culhane. Over the years, Blackwing pencils became more than a symbol.

The brand is willing to develop a sustainable, positive impact by creating the Blackwing Foundation, which aims to support music and arts programs in public schools.

Cartoons and books, born from Blackwing pencils, nurtured Kelly and Julien’s childhood. Blackwing pencils are back for a new generation of writers, musicians, and others seeking a more natural existence. Why not you? Find your Blackwing pencil on the 27 selection.


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