27 Lisboa

Once upon a time in the heart of Lisbon, there existed a magical place known as 27 Lisboa.
This was not just a store, but a field of stories, memories, and treasures brought in from all over the world.

Kelly and Julien were keen travelers, their hearts always looking forward to the next trip, the next discovery. They believed that travel was the truest form of education, an open book where each page was a new experience. Their shared love for exploration led them to dream of creating a space that encapsulated the essence of their travels—a place where others could feel the wonder and magic of different lands without ever leaving Lisbon.

And so, 27 Lisboa was born.


The name itself was a homage to their favorite number, who accompanied them casually throughout their journey. The store's motto, "we travel so you do too," perfectly captured their vision. Each item in the store was a piece of a story, a fragment of a distant culture, handpicked with love and a keen eye for uniqueness.

The journeys took them from the bustling markets of Marrakech to the charmed Venice canals, from the vibrant streets of Mexico City to the cosmopolitan city of London. Every trip added to their collection of artifacts—each one a testament to the rich of human creativity and craftsmanship. Their store became a treasure trove of wonders: unique pieces of contemporary design, delicate ceramics, environmentally friendly beauty products and a unique selection of safe and playful toys, accessories, ready-to-wear for kids.

For seven glorious years, 27 Lisboa became a beloved haven for locals and tourists alike. People from all walks of life came through its doors, drawn by the allure of the unknown and the promise of discovery. The store was a meeting point of cultures, a place where stories were exchanged, and new friendships were forged. Kelly and Julien found immense joy in sharing the tales behind each piece, watching as their customers' eyes lit up with the same wonder they felt on their travels.

The store also thrived because of the relationships that they built with their partners— artisans from around the world who poured their hearts into their crafts. These connections were the lifeblood of 27 Lisboa, ensuring that every item had a story and a soul.

However, like all great adventures, this chapter of Kelly and Julien's journey has come to an end with their separation. As they look back on the seven incredible years, their hearts swell with gratitude. They are deeply thankful to their loyal customers, who believed in their vision and made 27 Lisboa a cherished part of their lives and they want to remind everyone that at the center of everything is love and that love will always find its way and they carry with them the lessons learned, the friendships made, and the countless stories of 27 Lisboa.

With a final farewell, Kelly and Julien hope that 27 Lisboa inspired others to embrace the beauty of the world, one unique piece at a time. And so, they embark on a new journey knowing that the spirit of 27 Lisboa will always be a part of them and all the stories and memories it holds will live in the hearts of everyone who was touched by its magic.