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27 is a very important number for us. Julien was born May 27th, we got married on May 27th and I was 27 years old. I gave birth to my first boy on that same year, I was 27 years old. My second boy was born and got the bed 27 at 9.27am. Of course, my social security number ends with a 27.
Among many projects, under our company Maisons Julien & Kelly Dassault, we decided to open our very first shop 27, in Lisboa; the city we chose to live in because I am luso-decendant and also because we fall in Love with the Lisboeta endless summer.


In one place, 27 Lisboa spreads who we are. Just for you. We have travelled, so you do too.

We hope, I hope, you will enjoy this experience and our selection. And that you will always come back because as I say: who comes once to Portugal, always comes back.

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