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Original Ice Cream Scoop

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The Original Ice Cream Scoop by Zeroll is an iconic kitchen essential. Created in 1935, its design was a revolution, allowing to get perfect ice cream scoops in no time and to save up to 10% more ice cream per liter served.

Cleverly designed, the Ice Cream Scoop transfers heat from our hand to gently defrost the ice cream and makes it easier to serve. With Zeroll, no need to rinse the dipper in water between servings.

Economical and handy, this Ice Cream Scoop has yet a minimalist and aesthetic look. I will become your best friend by summertime or when you feel like having a sweet treat.

The Original Ice Cream Scoop by Zeroll is even part of the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.

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Zeroll was founded by Sherman Kelly, in 1935. While on vacation in Florida, he observed a woman dipping ice cream and noticed the blisters on her hand.

Sherman Kelly then designed the Zeroll ice-cream scoop, the best non-mechanical scoop, made of aluminum, which rolls the ice cream into a ball, instead of digging it.

In addition to gliding into any ice-cream to create perfect balls, the dipper reduces waste, allowing getting 15% more servings per gallon. Sherman Kelly received a patent for this unique design, which is today part of the prestigious MoMa collection.

Zeroll Ice Cream Dipper is a perfect echo to 27 : a beautiful design for a better world.


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