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Misoka ISM Toothbrush

Misoka toothbrush is a revolutionary toothbrush, cleverly designed by Yume Shokunin. No toothpaste needed, the Misoka toothbrush features nanomineral-coated bristles that polish and clean your teeth as you brush them. Japanese designer Kosho Ueshima is at the origin of this innovative nanotechnology, allowing brushing our teeth with nothing but a cup of water.

Misoka ISM is a state-of-the-art toothbrush made in Japan, thought out to be environmentally-friendly and to offer a healthier lifestyle. Your mouth hygiene is maintained with a gentle teeth-brushing. The handle’s design is inspired by the moves of water and ensures a comfortable grasp.

Available in Transparent, Blue, Pink, Green, and Lilac.

Made by...

Kosho Ueshima

Japanese designer, Kosho Ueshima has created Misoka, an ingenious nanotech toothbrush that cleans your teeth without toothpaste.

Born in Japan in 1979, Kosho Ueshima graduated from Tama Art University in 2003, and started a career at Panasonic.

He then moved to Germany to join a local design studio. In 2015, Kosho Ueshima established his own studio TIDS in Tokyo.

Picked at...

Yume Shokunin

On their return from a trip to Japan, Kelly and Julien came back with the Misoka toothbrush in their luggage. At the origin of this innovative toothbrush is Yume-Shokukin, a Japanese company that strives to promote craftsmanship.

Yume-Shokukin is an inspiring company which aims to make people’s life more comfortable and prosperous. Yume-Shokukin cleverly combines advanced technology with skilled craftsmanship to seek efficiency and guarantee superior quality.


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