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Web Cable Box


The Web Cable Management Box has been cleverly designed by Yamazaki to hide any tangle cable on your desk, behind your TV, or wherever your cables are lying around.

This sleek box features the perfect size to hold a power strip with seven outlets. It will keep your electronics safe, dust-free, and away from sight.

Designed in Japan, it combines functionality and minimalist design.

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Have you ever traveled to Japan? Kelly and Julien have and can be witnesses of how many citizens live in small spaces. The Japanese family business Yamazaki was created over 100 years ago as an answer to organization and storage issues.

Yamazaki designs multiple houseware products, paying attention to simplicity, practicality, quality, and, most of all, happy home harmony.

Driven by creativity, products are designed to be smart, simple, and of high quality.

Focusing on space-saving, Yamazaki offers everyday items that are decorative and functional: it couldn’t not be part of the 27 selection!


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