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Award Ribbon “I Survived Another Meeting”


We all know these endless meetings that could have been done with a simple email… A reward is sometimes essential to overcome our working routine!

You will surprise and amuse your colleagues with this clever Award Ribbon designed by Will Bryant.

The bright blue ribbon features a gold foil embossed and a hanging string.

Made in Oregon.

Made by...

Will Bryant

Will Bryant is a young artist, designer, and a reference for graphic design in the USA. He masters as well illustrations, paintings, typographic word, as product collaborations.

His work always mixes humor, exuberance, and positivity with a colorful palette. Even though his style is very singular and own to himself, we can recognize inspirations from graphic design bigwigs, such as Steven Harrington.

Based in Austin, Texas, the freelance artist is very active and has already collaborated with big brands, such as Nike, Google, Levi’s, Sonic, and more!

Will Bryant grew up in Texarkana, Texas, and studied graphic design at Mississippi State University (2008), before passing an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Contemporary Art Practice from Portland State University (2013).


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