Wild And Soft | Small Head Jungle Set


A wild jungle in need of a wild home.

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Wild And Soft | Small Head Jungle Set

Having a jungle at home has never been easier with The Wild and Soft Jungle box, which brings the wildest animals to your home in no time.

The set of three mini animal wall heads by Wild and Soft, includes a lion, a tiger, and a monkey.

The animal heads are small and soft, easy to hang anywhere in the house. It is the perfect solution for safe decoration.
If your child is curious and loves to explore, this is the ideal present for them. It is the perfect combination of fun and adventure.
Kelly and Julien have used these fluffy toys to create a jungle theme decoration. The children adore it.


The wild and soft range is made with lots of love in Indonesia, but the designs are 100 percent Belgian.
Made from high-quality faux fur with very soft, light cotton lining.
Wild & Soft creates its products by hand, so every animal will be unique and different.



Wild and Soft cares about the planet and the animal kingdom. That’s the reason why they set up the Wild and Soft foundation.
Their foundation supports 2 wildlife sanctuaries. The Zonnegloed sanctuary in their home country Belgium, and the Cikananga sanctuary in Indonesia. Indonesia is where the Wild and Soft items come to life.
The sanctuaries provide shelter and offer a safer place to grow, heal and recover. The animals arrive in a neglected state where they receive the professional care they need to rehabilitate.

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