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Disguise White Tiger


When the imagination is fertile, kids always find different ways to be anything their heart cries out to be. With Wild & Soft Disguises, they can be the animal of their choice for as long as they please.

Soft and cozy, these animal costumes are made from high-quality faux fur and can be used as fun and realistic costumes, unique rugs, soft game mats, or warm blankets.

The costumes feature a head-shaped hood covering your children’s head and front paws with hidden compartments for their hands. All they need is a strong and confident roar to complete the disguise.

Kelly and Julien believe this is a great way to familiarise kids with animals and endangered species. All their children have their own Wild & Soft Disguise!

Discover the Brown Bear, Lion, Panda, Polar Bear, and Shark Disguises.


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