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Backpack Panda

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Did you know that Pandas live mainly in Southwest China? With this backpack, they can also live in your house, your car, and go with you for a walk!

Wild & Soft Backpacks are spacious enough to store all your kids’ belongings. Super soft and perfectly sized for children’s backs, they feature a zipped opening and adjustable shoulder straps. Loyal friends, they will always have your little ones’ back!

Kelly and Julien believe this is a great way to familiarise kids with animals and endangered species. All their children have their own Wild & Soft Backpack!

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Wild and Soft

At 27, everyone fell in love with the Wild & Soft products. Who could resist? Kelly, Julien, and their children love playing, disguising, and decorating the walls with the faux fur items created by this Belgian company.

The brand offers at the same time the wildest and the softest accessories, designed in Belgium and made by hand in Indonesia, with high-quality materials.

The animal kingdom shows up in your home and makes everyone, children and adults, happy.

Through the Wild & Soft foundation, the brand supports the planet and the animal kingdom. Let’s travel to Belgium and Indonesia, where they have set up two wildlife sanctuaries to provide shelter and a place for the animals to grow and safely recover.


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