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Grandy Storage Box

Grandy is a great storage box from Wesco, whose name comes from “Grandma,” reminding our grandmother’s bread bin. Grandy has a beautiful retro design. Its clean lines make it a modern decorative piece.

Grandy is ideal for storing bread, pastries, or cakes in the kitchen, jewelry, cosmetics, stationery, or sewing accessories in a bedroom or an office.

The box features ventilation holes on the back, ensuring optimal ventilation to keep its fresh content longer.

To fit any space, even the smallest ones, Grandy is available in two formats: Medium Grandy and Mini Grandy. Select the color of your choice: White or Cool Grey?

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The 27 team takes you to Germany, where Martin Westermann opened Wesco, a plumber’s workshop in 1867. The brand evolved over the years and is today focusing on the design and the manufacture of metal items in a classical manner.


To Kelly and Julien, every single object of their home, even the most basic ones, such as bins, must be stylish. Wesco creates bins, bread bins, and various kitchen accessories with a cool and retro design. All items are made out of high-standard steel to ensure the best quality.


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