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Vejibag Long is the healthy, eco-friendly alternative to plastic, for storing and preserving vegetables in the refrigerator. Stow all kinds of moisture-loving greens, carrots, celery, fruits… The Vejibag Long keeps all fresh and crispy for up to two weeks, by providing a humid environment that also breathes.

Also available in standard version.


– Material: Sustainably produced organic cotton. This cotton is turned into a complete Vegibag in a socially responsible business with employees as co-owners
– Can be washed at low temperatures using a washing machine. CAUTION: it is cotton so it coul shrink
– The print will naturally fade as it is made by a natural ink
– Measurements:   43.2 x  27.9 cm
1. Wet & Wring: Wet the bag and wring it so it is just damp. Note: You’ll want to wash your bag before you use it the first time.
2. Rinse & Shake: Wash your vegetables and shake off the excess water. No need to spin salad greens dry!
3. Store & Enjoy: Place the freshly washed vegetables in the bag and store in the refrigerator. Keep the bag damp by sprinkling it every few days.

Created in 2013 by Sally Erickson, Vejibag was born out of necessity.  She needed to keep veggies as fresh as possible from the time they were picked in her year-round, Eastport, Maine greenhouse until they were taken home by customers from the local market. And she wanted to do that without creating plastic waste or using toxic chemicals. After some research Sally discovered what produce managers in grocery stores have known for a long time. Moisture-loving vegetables keep best in a cool damp environment. And she discovered that our grandmothers wrapped vegetables in moistened tea towels or burlap to keep them crisp and delicious. She combined those two ideas into  a handy organic cotton bag, was able to eliminate the plastic and come up with a beautiful result: the Vejibag.


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