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Y-Shaped Peeler


The Y-Shaped Peeler from Tala is an essential utensil that any decent cooker must have in his/her kitchen! It will help you perfectly peel fruits and vegetables to garnish your meals.

Cleverly designed, it is made of stainless steel, easy to wash, and features a hanging loop for simple storage.

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Tala, probably one of the oldest and best loved kitchenware brands, is well-known for its baking and cake decorating equipment. Founded in 1899 in the UK, Tala is an iconic symbol of British baking.

Local manufacturing being an essential issue for Tala, the company strives to produce as much as possible in the UK. Today, Tala has multiple sites across the country, including Liverpool, Accrington and Burnley.

Traditional methods are still used to manufacture the products, with over 20 hand process. Some of the 1920’s machinery is still in use today.

While visiting Great Britain, Kelly and Julien have been seduced by the desire of the brand to develop nutritious food and homemade cooking, with high quality British-made kitchenware tools.


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