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Lako Mini Library


Studio Macura has beautifully designed Lako Mini Library for storing books and magazines.

This bent-steel wire rack can be displayed alongside your couch or in your bedroom; it will refine any interior decoration.

Its straight and clean lines turn this handy mobile library into a sculptural piece of decoration. This sophisticated object’s apex makes it easy to move it around, while the different angles offer various storage options.

The bent steel rods are finished with high gloss black powder-coating.

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Studio Macura

Based in the Netherlands, Studio Macura is a design team that thinks each piece they create with a unique design, functional, beautiful, and sustainable.

The studio collections are immediately recognizable for their unique spirits and narrative aesthetics, based on a dream-like relationship between ’the real’ and ‘the imaginary.’

They seek both wings and roots, the known and the unknown.


Their approach is honest and original: capturing in each design the paradox of something very distinct and appealing, yet still inherently familiar to people.

Rather than an artistic style, Studio Macura ensures that these functional and everyday objects stand out in the crowd. That is what Kelly and Julien loved: beautiful everyday pieces that you will enjoy living with.


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