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Verso Lamp


Designed by Gio Tirotto for Seletti in 2007, Verso Lamp is more than a simple table light. It is a fascinating sculpture.

Verso Lamp is an architectural icon of daily movement, represented by the most famous Architecture instrument, the staircase.

A little magnetic character seats pensively on the stairs. Change its position following its mood.

Verso Lamp is a dimmable table lamp with touch-sensitive control and magnet.

  • 6W – 600mA – 10V
  • input: AC 100-240V-50/60 Hz – 0.3A
  • output: DC 12V – 1.0 A Max 12W

Made by...

Gio Tirotto

After having proved his worth in different Studios and graduated in Design at Politecnico di Milano, Gio Tirotto opened his own Studio in 2010. Since then, he accumulates awards and collaborations with big names, including Seletti.

Gio Tirotto is an Italian designer whose projects include graphic, product, interior design, and exhibition fittings. Whatever he is creating, his art direction remains focused on research, always looking for the best combination between aesthetic and function.

Gio Tirotto believes that rituals, memory, and imagination are the first function of everything surrounding us. Inspired by his environment, his designs tend to erase the frontier between art and design and redevise human beings and objects’ inherent complexity.

While drawing or designing, the one goal of the artist is the message. Beyond shape or technical solutions, the message cannot be missing.

Picked at...


27 Lisboa takes you on a journey to Italy, where Kelly and Julien met with Seletti, an Italian brand that strives for constant innovation and originality. 

The collections continuously blend objects of our daily life with pop art. Romano Seletti begins the story in 1964, in the Italian city of Mantova.

In the 1980s, his sons, Stefano and Miria, take the activity over, and the new generation brings brand new energy to the work while keeping focusing on Italian excellence.

Kelly and Julien collect multiple Seletti’s pieces in their own home and love how the brand’s unique vision and designs bring fun to their lifestyle.


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