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Toothpaste Glow Lamp


Italian designer Alessandro Zambelli collaborated with Seletti to develop different lamps with a playful and ironic look.

This is the Toothpaste Glow Lamp: we immediately fell in love with how original this lamp is in a form of a toothpaste tube is, and how it is perfect as a statement piece, to be placed in any interior, office, living room, of your choice

Note: The LED lamp is portable and rechargeable.

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Made by...

Alessandro Zambelli

Alessandro Zambelli is a designer from Mantua, Italy. The artist created his own studio in 2003. In 2006, he started a collaboration with the design house of Seletti, and forged relations with many other firms in furniture, home accessory, leather goods, etc.

Zambelli is the co-founder of Padiglione Italia, a designers’ collective, which seeks to highlight the Italian design scene’s specifics.

Zambelli has exhibited at the Beijing Design Week, Invito a Tavola (New York), the Tokyo Tableware Festival, and F.O.O.D. (Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC), as well as other international design fairs.

He never sees his work purely as an exercise in style. He believes an inner soul must enliven every object.

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27 Lisboa takes you on a journey to Italy, where Kelly and Julien met with Seletti, an Italian brand that strives for constant innovation and originality. 

The collections continuously blend objects of our daily life with pop art. Romano Seletti begins the story in 1964, in the Italian city of Mantova.

In the 1980s, his sons, Stefano and Miria, take the activity over, and the new generation brings brand new energy to the work while keeping focusing on Italian excellence.

Kelly and Julien collect multiple Seletti’s pieces in their own home and love how the brand’s unique vision and designs bring fun to their lifestyle.


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