Puebco | Plumber Bag Small Black


Puebco | Plumber Bag Small Black

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Puebco | Plumber Bag Small Black

This Plumber Bag from Puebco is for light or heavy lifting. This bag is made from a strong and durable canvas used in truck canopies and looks better with age and wear. It’s perfect for carrying your belongings like laptops and other day-to-day objects.

However, most importantly this bag is unisex so it can be worn by anyone!

At 27 we like Puebco because they aim at using recycled materials to curate renewed lifestyle items !

Julien and Kelly like to use this bag when they are travelling or to stock personal things in it. It is stylish, and it has enough space to hold all of the children’s belongings inside!


Colour: Black
Size: approx.H 33 x W 33 x D 25cm. Material: Cotton



Tokyo’s PUEBCO produces a varied range of housewares and lifestyle accessories defined by elegant design and utilitarian appeal. Inspired by communities around the globe, PUEBCO proves that a well-used product is a beautiful one, each with its own story. The company tries to create new value by using the reuse or recycling materials.






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