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Glass Coffee Dripper Set

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This Glass Coffee Dripper from Puebco is undoubtedly the most attractive object to serve your coffee in the morning. Full of style, this set includes a dripper and a pot.

Place a coffee filter in the dripper, add some of your favorite coffee, pour some hot water, and observe the coffee gently running into the pot. You then only have to enjoy it!

  • The capacity of this beautiful Puebco piece is 350ml.
  • Made of Borosilicate glass, it is heat-resistant.

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While on a trip to Tokyo, Kelly and Julien discovered Puebco and its original concept. It quickly became evident that Puebco’s collection will be part of their selection for 27 Lisboa: the company recycles materials and found objects to create sustainable lifestyle products.

The brand was founded by Tokyo-based designer Hirotaka Tanaka with the aim to create products made from recycled materials and repurposed objects. It has resulted in a range of houseware items, travel accessories, and apparel, inspired by a retro-industrial style integrated with a Japanese minimalist aesthetic.

Puebco designs a broad range of houseware accessories while bringing new value to reused or recycled products.

Mr. Tanaka gets inspired by customs and habits from all around the world and spends much of his time traveling across Asia and beyond, in search of new materials to transform.

The combination of elegant design, practical appeal, and fight against waste is the perfect combination for 27 Lisboa.


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