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Rotating Soap Clip-On Dish Set

Since 1950, Provendi manufactures authentic rotating Marseille soaps. These soaps are made in France with love and with 100% vegetable oils. They will leave on your skin a smooth foam with delicate and natural scents.

The dish set contains :

  • one Provendi Rotating Soap unit (280 grams),
  • and a holder made of metal, clip-on model.

Let you captivate by the Almond Milk scent: it will gently moisturize your skin, ideal for dry or flaky skin.

Or discover the Cedar Exfoliant scent, great to exfoliate and keep your skin smooth.

Once you are out of soap, don´t worry, we also have Provendi’s authentic Marseille soap refill.

  • Cosmebio
  • EPV 2

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Provendi is an innovative laboratory founded in the 1950s, by Marguerite and Arnold, on Lake Leman’s shores. As an authentic master soapmaker, Provendi is dedicated to producing Marseille soap, following strictly the traditional method of manufacturing soap developed in the city of Marseille, in the South of France, in the 18th century.

Provendi uses water from the Alps and 100% vegetable oils to develop rotating soaps.

Certified as a living heritage company, its craftsmanship know-how is recognized by the French authorities.

Provendi is also certified by Cosmebio, a professional association guaranteeing sustainable and organic cosmetics, and Ecocert, an agent for change, promoting environmentally and socially responsible practices across all sectors throughout the world.

The delicate fragrances that the smooth foam leaves on your skin remind Kelly and Julien of olfactive memories from their childhoods. Besides, Provendi soaps are respectful towards the environment, a key-value to 27 Lisboa.


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