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Piet Hanger Pack of 3

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The magnificent Piet hanger from Presse Citron has been designed as an homage to Piet Mondrian and its modern, abstract art. More than a simple coat hanger, the Piet hanger will become a centerpiece of your interior decoration.

This practical and artistic hanger will bring colors to your entrance hall. Its graphic design brightens up every room.

The pack includes 3 identical black coat racks and designed with 3 attachment points each, 9 hangers in total. You will be able to customize your space as you wish by putting them horizontally, vertically, more or less separated from each other. Let your creativity guide you.


  • Black coat racks (each piece): 46 x 2.5 cm
  • Red points: Ø 11 cm
  • Mustard points: Ø 7.5 cm
  • Blue points: Ø 5.5 cm

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Presse Citron

Presse Citron was created in 1997 by Didier Chaudanson and its collaboration with a former classmate from the Ecole Boulle in Paris, Clotilde de Grave. Industrial designers, they work together to invent and reinvent the objects of our daily lives and make them alive. Everyone is welcome to appropriate the items and adjust them according to their desires and moods.

All creations are designed in the Presse Citron Parisian studio and made in France to guarantee high finishing standards.

The 27 Team has been seduced by how the designers give a design look and a playful soul to the objects of our everyday life.


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