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Poketle S Bottle

As Kelly and Julien are always on the move, they immediately fell in love with Poketle S bottle 120 ml

The small size of this bottle is ideal for storing food and drinks, while easy to carry and lightweight since it fits perfectly inside a bag or pocket. Ideal for soup, but also for coffee or even food that is best kept cold. It can keep your food and drinks cold or hot for up to 6 hours.

Poketle was born in Kyoto, Japan, so the concept of sustainability, tradition, and minimalism are all applied to their products – 27 also selected Poketle +6  that adds 60 ml to the original size S.

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The Japanese label Poketle, was created with the philosophy ‘only the necessary’.

You might be surprised about their insulated Bottles size, you can literally fit it on your pocket, since they were originally designed for the Japanese market as the smallest stainless steel thermos available. With minimal and lightweight design, they are perfect for those days when you need to make your life as simple as possible, for example biking, short excursions or just to walk around the city.

Its thermal insulation keeps beverages cold or hot for six hours. At 27, we love everything that is created to make our life easier.


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