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Embossing Label Maker

This Embossing Label Maker from Penco will make your paperwork so much better organized and/or fun!

Easily label your files, folders, and anything that you have at hand! This is the tool you need to be perfectly organized.

The Embossing Label Maker comes with a roll of 9 mm x 2 meters black tape and two alphabet wheels, so you have the option to use capital or lower-case letters, as well as specific characters.

Available in a Navy and Yellow.

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Kelly and Julien love visiting Japan. There, they discovered many innovative brands, including Penco, a brand offering stationery products.

Every Penco goods will make users feel nostalgic about old school days!

Penco, or the “pen company,” creates a wide range of casual office supplies and tools to satisfy the most demanding professionals.


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