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Cashmere Jumpsuit


This Cashmere Jumpsuit from Numaé will provide softness and comfort to your little ones, girls and boys.

Made from cashmere garter stitch, it features three mother-of-pearl buttons on the neck’s opening, and seven mother-of-pearl buttons for an opening between the legs.

This 100% Cashmere jumpsuit is developed in full respect for the environment. The cashmere is originated from Inner Mongolia cashmere goats, raised with respect in a natural environment, guaranteeing exceptional high quality.

Kelly and Julien adore this lovely jumpsuit!

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Numaé is a French brand for children, created in 2004 by Manuelle Schmite. This fashion designer and mom makes her children her first source of inspiration.

Numaé imagines high-quality newborn clothes and accessories that respect the environment. Cashmere is at the heart of each creation and ensures the comfort of your baby.


Kelly and Julien were immediately appealed by the softness and finesse of Numaé’s items. They adopted them, and every time they go to Paris, they come back with new pieces for their children.

At 27, we are proud to share these lovely creations with you.



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