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Egglings are cute egg hatching plants designed by Noted. It looks like a large egg, but if you crack its top, you will discover a beautiful plant ready to grow.

Gently tap the Eggling’s top with a spoon, spray the top and fill the mini tray with water, and place it in a warm spot. Soon, the plant will sprout and grow! You can then transplant the plant into a larger container: break the shell and drop it into soil.

Egglings are handmade in Japan from clay and unglazed ceramic, and are filled with seeds and a growing mixture. It comes into a colourful gift box with instructions (translated into English, French, and Spanish).

Discover Basil, Cactus, and Lavender Egglings.

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While visiting their favorite city, New York, Kelly and Julien discovered Noted, a brand whose playful universe flourishes any interior.

Noted works with artists and designers from all over the world, especially from Japan, to offer curious, unique, well thought, and beautifully made products. The brand aims to bring nature into your interiors through the creation of small objects with adorable and cute designs.

It offers innovative ways to observe plants growing and create a garden inside your living room.

Noted’s quirky yet easy to use creations will add a touch of green to any place while calling for interactiveness. It will catch everyone’s attention!

At 27, we strive to embellish your life through intriguing, innovative objects. Noted makes the bet successful.


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