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Nailmatic Kids Colouring Bath Bomb Galaxy 160g


The Nailmatic effervescent Bath Bomb colors the water and turns the bath into a rainbow symphony to make bath time a funny moment!

This Bath Bomb has been carefully formulated and lathers without damaging children’s skin. Parents don’t worry, your bathtub won’t get colored. Only the water.

Enriched with chamomile and delicately flavored with red fruits, the formula of the Galaxy Bath Bomb has been thought to soothe children’s skin thanks to its softening virtues, while making bath time a joyous moment for kids …and delighted parents!

The Nailmatic Bath Bomb is vegan, cruelty-free, and preservative-free.

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Created in 2012, Nailmatic is the fruit of the daring bet of Boris Gratini and Lilian Monnier, the two co-founders. Their idea: to offer the world’s first nail polishes vending machine.

Made in France with local suppliers, Nailmatic nail polishes are of irreproachable quality and formulated without any chemical.


In 2014, they launched a range of water-based children’s nail polishes and cosmetics. You can now share your beauty routine with your whole family!

At 27, we love Nailmatic’s wide range of colors and clean formulations. Try it; you and your child will love it as much as Kelly does!


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