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Wooden Fire Truck Play Set


Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Fire Truck Play Set is a perfect toy to strengthen your children’s sorting, matching, and counting skills with fun.

This wooden fire truck set will turn your children into young heroes. Once started, it will not be easy to stop them from playing with the firefighters and their trucks.

The set includes high-quality wooden pieces: a fire truck with a roll-up hose, a lifting ladder, smooth-rolling wheels, and 3 firefighters who can ride in the front, stand in the bucket, and even hold the hose.

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Melissa and Doug

Melissa & Doug is an American brand created in 1988 by the eponymous couple. The brand develops playful and educational toys that allow children to develop their creativity, learn, and practice physical activities.

Melissa, Doug, and their six children imagine, develop, and try every toy. They take pride in conceptualizing every product at their offices in Connecticut, hand-making each prototype until they get it just right.

The brand commits alongside the American Academy of Pediatrics on the Power of Play project that encourages open-ended plays, essential for children’s healthy growth and development.

As parents, Kelly and Julien want their children to be intellectually stimulated. Thanks to Melissa & Doug toys, they can develop their abilities with fun.


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