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Green Nail Polish – Pinks

Green is a range of nail polishes developed by Manucurist, which name speaks for itself! Made from potato, corn, cassava, and cotton, these nail polishes are not only kind to your nails and the environment but guarantee stunning nails.

Do not forget to follow the 3-step routine: base coat – color – top coat. Easy!

Manucurist’s products are made from the most natural ingredients possible, with NO harmful ingredients, and are always cruelty-free and vegan.

Green Nail Polishes are 9-free and made from 84% of natural ingredients. The others are necessary to retain the color intensity and shine, and carefully selected to still be good for you and our Planet. Not natural does not mean not healthy, either bad to the environment!

What is the difference between Green and Green Flash ranges? The Green range is a range of regular nail polishes. The Green Flash nail polishes need to cure under an LED lamp and last for up to 10 days!

Discover our collection of Manucurist’s vibrant colors, carefully selected by Kelly, and choose the colors of your choice: Reds ; Burgundies and Purples ; Pinks ; Greens, Blues, Darks ; Nudes and Greys ; Glitters.

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Combining nail beauty and respect for the planet is possible with the nail polishes from the French brand Manucurist. Created by Gaëlle Lebrat-Personnaz, Manucurist offers long-lasting nail polishes in vibrant colors. It also imagines handcare products and nail polishes for children.

Manucurist produces locally in France and guarantees high-performance, innovative, eco-responsible, vegan, cruelty-free, and 9-free products.

The formulas are free from any toxic ingredient for a shiny, resistant manicure and healthy nails. The brand pays particular attention to packaging, which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

At 27, we love eco-responsible beauty, and we support Manucurist’s approach! Choose your favorite nail polish from our selection.


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