Magis Me Too | Villa Julia Playhouse


Cardboard playhouse

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Magis Me Too | Villa Julia Playhouse

Villa Julia Playhouse comes from durable cardboard. It has an innocent appearance and is a delight to the eye.
It has an asymmetrical shape and a fireplace on the back wall. There are large windows all the way around the house, it allows children to see out after entering through the large front door. 
Julien and Kelly believe that this is an excellent way to show children that paper and cardboard can be fun too. They try to reduce waste to protect the environment and they want to pass on that legacy to their children.
At 27 Lisboa, all the products can bring happiness to your life, without causing a lot of waste. We value our planet and the life that lives in it.


– Material: Cardboard
– Designer: Javier Mariscal
– Measurements: 1.65 x 1.35 x 1.20 m



Me Too is Magis’s collection of furniture and accessories created in 2004. To enable children to experience creativity, sensations and solutions. All dreamt up by the big names in contemporary design.
The idea of Me Too came from the creator of Magis, who wanted to give his granddaughter a table to draw on.
Leafing through catalogues, Eugenio Perazza realised there was no furniture for younger children. That had advanced design characteristics,
Like grown-up furniture, but also a simplicity of use suitable for little ones.
Me Too is also built on the scientific consultancy of pedagogical experts. As well as on the experience, technological research and 100%-Italian quality of Magis.
To transform this concept of design for children into reality. Me Too is a colourful, amazing, happy world. Like the children themselves imagine it, together with the great designers and Magis.

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Dimensions 116 x 155 x 10 cm

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