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Notecard Mothering is Hard


Mothering is hard. You’re doing great. Here is a lovely greeting card to be sent to any new mother in need of kind words.

Designed by Little Truths Studio, this notecard conveys deep truths to the ones with love.

This greeting card, printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, is blank inside and comes with a coordinating kraft envelope.

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Little Truths Studio

Lori Roberts runs Little Truths Studio from a tiny studio set in the lush green landscape outside Portland, Oregon.

She seeks truths and understanding about ourselves in her work — what it means to be human, finding happiness, the importance of interconnectedness, and our intrinsic need for nature.

To make the world more beautiful, Little Truths Studio donates a portion of all their proceeds to charities such as The IRC, Southern Poverty Law Center, Mercy Corps, and the Red Cross.

Kelly and Julien are inspired by companies that champion kindness and respect all our fellow beings’ humanity, so we make it our mission to support them.

Her work helps to see things from another point of view with added positivity. At 27, we like her work and are so happy to share it with you.


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