Kure Bazaar | Organic Rose Infusion Nail And Cuticles Oil


Organic Rose Infusion Nail And Cuticles Oil

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Kure Bazaar | Organic Rose Infusion Nail And Cuticles Oil

This is the Kure Bazaar Nail And Cuticles Oil, with an organic rose infusion. It is great to relax the cuticles after intense manicure.

Kelly loves and recommends this cuticle oil, as it is both good for your nails and skin but also the environment!

How to Use : Apply a few drops then massage to penetrate.

Size : 10ml


– 10 FREE formula

– Natural and vegan quality

– Up to 90% of all ingredients are from natural origin (70% minimum).

– Not tested on animals



Kure Bazaar is the first nail lacquer to combine fashion and eco-consciousness. Which is both natural and trendy,
After years of research, Kure Bazaar brings us a unique innovation. That delivers excellent results. All they use is wood, corn, cotton.
Instead of dangerous chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde or phthalates. High-shine, fast-drying, long-wearing lacquers.
From elegant to daring, you can suit your emerging style, with Kure Bazaar natural nail lacquers collection’s expert hues.




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