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Nail Polish Remover Rose

Kure Bazaar Nail Polish Remover Rose is hydrating and 100% natural.

The formula is based on rose muscat oil, rose-infused water, and solvents from natural origins, from sugar cane, wheat, and corn, free from essential oil.

This safe and clean nail polish remover does not dry out your nails. Your hands and cuticles will stay hydrated and soft.

Perfect for a sensitive nose, it has no scent and suits all types of nails.

Kelly loves and strongly recommends these nail polishes. Good for your nails; they will enhance your beauty, causing no harm to your health nor the environment.

Available in 100 ml and 250 ml.

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Kure Bazaar

Kure Bazaar is the first nail polish of a new generation that combines an ecological and ethical formula with vibrant fashion colors. The brand develops an incredible offer of punchy and sharp colors, inspired by the street and derived from nature’s elements.

Imagined in France by Kartika Luyet, former model and, at that time, pregnant with her first child, Kure Bazaar is the perfect alternative to mass cosmetics nail polishes containing toxic ingredients.

Kartika was keen to create “The good nail Philosophy”: an eco-trendy and 10-free nail polish that takes care of our nails day after day with ultra-trendy colors. Today, Kure Bazaar is also lipsticks and skincare products!

The brand offers cleverly crafted colors and new products for each season, all petrochemicals-free, without sacrificing shine nor holding. It is what seduced Kelly when she was pregnant with her first child. Tested and immediately adopted!


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