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Scissors with Base


The HMM Scissors are an iconic 2-in-1 essential tool, cleverly designed. Sleek and minimalist, these scissors’ outline has been inspired by a unique Japanese design. With this masterpiece, HMM reinvented using scissors with style: turn the scissors into a box cutter in one flip.

Made of Japanese steel by Taiwanese craftsmanship, these scissors provide a sharp cut. Its wide blades and solid weight will assure you and will guarantee success on all your projects.

The scissors’ square-tip comes on a firm footing on its base, thanks to a custom-made magnet, allowing displaying it well.

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Let’s take you to Taiwan and discover HMM, or Human Mechanic Method, a Taiwanese company that combines unique, minimal, and functional designs on everyday objects.

With selected materials and skilled craftsmanship, classic and timeless HMM products embellish daily life and reinterpret simple objects.

HMM team focuses on details that connect objects with humans.

Kelly and Julien discovered the HMM Scissors and immediately paid attention to this everyday object’s details: the innovative design and excellent finish pleased them.


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